Photo of snow fall on Wakefield-Kohatu Highway, captured by Kelvin Woodley on Saturday afternoon.

Snow falls low


After a blustery, rainy Saturday afternoon, clear skies throughout the night saw fresh snowfall on the mountains.

Things also got icy lower down with Kelvin Woodley of Brightwater capturing an image of snow fall along the Wakefield-Kohatu Highway.

Kelvin, who is the principal of Tapawera School, says it was as they were packing up after the Tapawera BGAC Show that it got bitterly cold. As he was driving home the snow started to fall, Kelvin first thinking it was hail.  From Kohatu Flat Rock Cafe through to the top of Spooners snow fell thick, Kelvin estimating around 40-50mm, causing traffic to slow to a crawl. Although an “amazing” sight for motorists, the snow didn’t stick around for long and soon melted away.