Vanessa Evans with the hole in her fence where a quad bike went through whilst running from police last week. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Quad bike smashes into woman’s back yard


When Vanessa Evans got up on Friday morning, the last thing she expected to find was a quad bike stuck halfway through her back fence.

It had started out like any other morning but at around 10am, after jumping through the shower and getting dressed, Vanessa was surprised by police knocking on her door.

The bike found on Vanessa Evans' property. Photo: Brittany Spencer.
The bike found on Vanessa Evans’ property. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

“I was just getting ready for the day and then all of a sudden I had police at my door asking, ‘do you mind if we have a quick look at your backyard and see what we can do about the bike through your fence?’”

Vanessa’s property backs onto the Murphy St Reserve and, since moving in a year an a half ago, quad bikes and dirt bikes have been tearing up the reserve track more and more frequently.

Much to some of her neighbours’ disgust, she says, a quad bike and several dirt bikes have been riding around the reserve 3-4 times a week for the past month at least.

“That morning I heard them racing around and when I was in the shower I heard some kind of bang, but I’d gotten used to hearing them up there and didn’t realise they’d hit my back fence.”

Vanessa says one of her neighbours had seen the riders and reported them to the police who arrived to search for the bikes and their riders.

“They must’ve seen the police, tried to evade them, then slid down the twenty metre bank and hit my fence, putting the wheel and handlebars through the posts.

Vanessa says she can definitely see the funny side to the event.

“The fact that they took the time to stack the wood whilst evading police and trying to break through my fence is hilarious.”

However, it’s not all laughter for Vanessa, who is frustrated by the hours she spent tidying the property only to have it driven through, and is concerned about safety.

“Insurance will pay for the fence but in the meantime I look like a public gateway from the reserve to the street, hopefully no one decides to use it during the night.”

Police have told Vanessa that since the bike is not stolen property they couldn’t possess it, so for now its just sitting out in front of Vanessa’s house with a note saying the keys are at the police station.

Police have not found the rider responsible for the damage.