This week's Photo of the Week was taken by Richmond's Marley Mcleay of today's storm rolling through.

Photo of the Week: Storm rolling in


Richmond weather and storm enthusiast Marley Mcleay saw the storm rolling over and raced out to get the perfect viewpoint for this week’s Photo of the Week.

The photo was taken from Angelus Avenue, a newly developed area with a great view of the Richmond Ranges

“When the storm develops you see a pattern called outflow and it was at that point I thought ‘we’re going to get some thunder’ and it was only about 10 minutes in that the lightning started.

“It was quite an experience, I’ve always been passionate about thunderstorms so yeah, I enjoyed it, the thunder was quite loud and it was extraordinarily cold so I’m not surprised at all the hail in Mapua.”

Marley is a local hobby photographer and took the image on his Nikon D3100 DSLR.