Photo by Graham Butler.

NZTA investigates Tasman roads


The NZ Transport Agency has been investigating Tasman roads in the hopes of making travel safer, resilient and more efficient.

Three separate investigations have been undertaken to address Tasman’s transport network needs. The areas being looked at are State Highway 6 Richmond Arterial, State Highway 60 Richmond to Collingwood and State Highway 60 Motueka.

The first phase of work for the Richmond Arterial and Motueka investigations are complete. The State Highway 60 Richmond to Collingwood requires further work to better define the issues along this route.

NZ Transport Agency Regional Director Raewyn Bleakley says they will work closely with Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council and the local Tasman community to explore potential improvement opportunities.

“In particular, the Motueka township investigation has highlighted specific problems along High Street, which we intend to investigate further. We expect improvements will concentrate on the location and visibility of the pedestrian crossings in the township and we will be developing potential designs to discuss with the community.”

Raewyn says the State Highway 6 Richmond Arterial Investigation is considering how to ensure the local transport network works effectively, something that will be progressed in partnership with the Tasman District Council.