Local student given large scholarship


Nelson College for Girls student, Phoebe Hendry, was awarded a $5,000 AMP Powerhouse scholarship today to help her achieve her dream of helping young people suffering with mental illness.

Phoebe is in her last year of College and thanks to the scholarship, is looking to study health sciences, medicine and then more specifically, psychiatry, at the University of Otago – a whopping 12 years of study all up.

AMP Powerhouse Managing Director Nigel Rukuwai presents Phoebe Hendry with a scholarship plaque.
AMP Powerhouse Managing Director Nigel Rukuwai presents Phoebe Hendry with a scholarship plaque.

Phoebe says she is extremely grateful for the money and will put it towards tuition and accomodation next year.

“The scholarship was completely unexpected, I still can’t believe it and it’s such a massive chunck, it will definitely make a huge difference, without it I probably wouldn’t have been able to go to uni next year.”

Each year the AMP scholarship awards up to $200,000 nationwide to talented and determined Kiwis who are passionate about pursuing their dreams.

Phoebe’s dream is to change society’s negative image of mental illness.

“I want to help children and teenagers with their battle with mental illness and help them work past it to achieve their goals, as well as helping the families involved,” says Phoebe.

“I’ve grown up seeing a lot of it and I know some people feel quite uncomfortable with the topic and when they are affected by it they don’t know how to deal with it so I want to change that and show people that it is not something to be embarrased about or hide.”

Regional AMP Scholarship judge, Peta-Lee Buckley, said that Phoebe’s determination, hard work, resilience and her passion for helping the community helped her stand out.

“I found Phoebe’s passion for her dream compelling. She shared her journey so far and outlined how she wants to make a significant difference to her community.”

Peta-Lee believes that Phoebe’s experiences, resiliance and passion for helping others has given her a unique voice and will continue to follow her progress.