Large rock smashes through windscreen


rock2A large rock has smashed through a car windscreen, leaving broken glass scattered throughout the car.

The silver Nissan Bluebird is parked beside a property on The Ridgeway with the large rock still embedded into the windscreen.

The identity of the person/s who allegedly put the rock through the windscreen is currently unknown.

However, the Nelson Snippets page posted a photo of the car three hours ago saying the car owner is offering a ” $100 reward for guilty party name.”rock1

The post has 49 reactions and 25 shares with one member commenting, “Really, are people so pathetic with their lives they have to do this sorta s**t. They must be real winners.”

Another person speculated that the person who put the rock through the windscreen was “probably an angry ex or a grumpy cousin or that person owes someone money.”