Candidate Kate Fulton speaks to a voter at the event. Photo: Kate Russell.

Kate Fulton leapfrogs Trudie Brand into council


Kate Fulton has officially beaten Trudie Brand by 61 votes to claim the final spot around the council table.

Nelson City Council confirmed this morning that Fulton, already a two-term councillor, was reelected over Brand by 6719 votes to 6658.

Preliminary results released on election day showed Brand in 12th position out of 12 elected councillors, leaving her excited and Fulton downcast.

By Sunday night, after some special votes were counted, Fulton had leap-frogged Brand. The council then said that final results wouldn’t be known until Thursday night, leaving both women with an anxious wait.

Fulton told this morning that the results are a relief.

“Obviously I am delighted with the result, the last week has been a roller coaster waiting journey – especially yesterday,” she says.

“I know how disappointed Trudie will be, so I have emailed her.”

Brand was unavailable for comment.