Mike Carter, left and John Haddock won the Stoke Bowling Club’s opening tournament the Haddock Trophy Triples with Murray Dill. Photo: Jacob Page.

John Haddock keeps trophy in the family


John Haddock’s 25 year wait to get his hands on the trophy his family donated to the Stoke Bowling Club was well worth the wait.

John, along with his team mates Mike Carter and Murray Dill, comprehensively won the Haddock Trophy triples, the season opening event, on Saturday.

The trio was the only team to win all four of their games and they did so in comprehensive fashion.

It was the second time John had won the trophy, after he previously won it in 1992.

“The Cup was donated back in 1987, and after winning it in 1992 I’ve been playing for it most years since, but it’s a tough trophy to win.”

The trophy was donated by John’s father, Geoff, a past president of the club.

“Dad got cancer later that year but he wanted to donate a trophy for a tournament at the start of every season where new bowlers could come and meet some of the regular players and play with guys in teams they wouldn’t otherwise normally play with.”

Mike, playing second, proved a good setup man throughout the tournament, with John proving more than capable to have the last say on an end from skip.

“I thought we all played well today and the greens were very consistent for this time of the year. “Yes, they were a little soft but you’d expect that with all the rain we’ve had recently.”

The club’s other major tournament to start the season, the Brian Pugh Memorial was cancelled on Sunday due to rain.