Buckle up this long weekend


With a sharp increase in the number of people killed in crashes not wearing seatbelts, Police are using the long weekend to launch their ‘Buckle up buttercup’ campaign to encourage everyone to wear their seatbelt.

During Labour Day Weekend 2015, five people died and 21 people were seriously injured.

Dave Cliff, Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing says not wearing a seatbelt is is a serious road risk and already, 71 people have been killed while not wearing a seatbelt in 2016.

“Sadly, the wearing of a seatbelt for some is not a habit and as a consequence far too many people are being needlessly killed and injured in crashes.”

Police will have a highly visible and active presence on the road during Labour Day Weekend, focusing on high risk driving behaviour using a mixture of enforcement activities.

As per previous long holiday weekends, speed cameras will be positioned in high risk crash areas and set to enforce a reduced speed threshold of 4km/h over Labour Day weekend.

“We want people to have fun on their well-deserved break, and come back in one piece with great memories,” says Dave. “But we need people to be thinking safety first, especially on our roads and beaches.”

Dave says police want to stop the high number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads but they cannot do it alone, they need the public’s help.

“Put your own safety, your families, and those you share the road with first.”