The midnight shopper tripped multiple alarms and was caught on security cameras breaking into Super Liquor in Tahunanui, early Tuesday morning.

Young man smashes way into Super Liquor


A young man smashed his way into Super Liquor Tahunanui early Tuesday morning and proceeded to steal $300, spirits and some cans of Woodstock.

“The security people rang me and told me there had been multiple alarm activations in the shop and as soon as you hear ‘multiple’, you know someone is in there,” says store manager Trevor Pugh.

super liquor tahunanui break in tuesday, sep 6“He threw a concrete block through the window, climbed in, smashed in the office door, took our change float, till draw and everything.

“He stole half a dozen 375ml bottles of spirits and some wood stock cans, not huge quantities but enough to be a nuisance.”

The incident occurred around 3.30am Tuesday morning and is currently being investigated.

Trevor says the thief was young, probably in his twenties, and athletic, leaping in and out of the building several times during the five minute raid.

He tripped several alarms and was caught on multiple security cameras wearing a wearing a distinctive Starter 99 Basketball Jersey.

Trevor says he arrived at the store around 4am and was met by a guard standing in front of the broken front window and glass everywhere.

“It’s extremely frustrating, the loss of stock is probably not quite so bad but it’s all the bits and pieces that you’ve got to repair or replace afterwards.

“The glass goes everywhere, you’ve got to take everything off the shelves and clean up all the glass, then you’ve got to go and vacuum it all up out of the floor and you can do that five times and still see little shards.”