Video: ‘Welcome Cloak’ Vox Pop


‘Welcome Cloak’ is a new piece of artwork hanging above Saltwater Creek alongside Haven Road so we hit the street to see what the community thought of it.

The piece is made of anodized gold 'Welcome Cloak' by Adi Tait hangs above Saltwater Creek, alongside Haven Road.aluminium and resembles a cloak of feathers that some locals are saying looks “beautiful” while others say “it looks a bit more like whitebait”.

Artist, Adi Tait, was commissioned to create the artwork, following a Request for Expressions of Interest for public artworks in 2014. In 2015, the ‘Welcome Cloak’ site was approved by The Art Selection Panel.

The 3m wide by 5m long piece hangs on high tensile wires between two poles above the Saltwater creek and is designed to be reflected in the water below.

The work is kinetic, with swivel joiners, allowing some independent movement of the ‘feathers’.