Video: Brook Sanctuary protest


A group of locals protested in front of the gates of the Brook Valley Holiday Park as the prime minister was driven past.

Prime Minister John Key was in Nelson today, to officially open the completed Brook Waimarama Sanctuary but for some locals, the completion of the fence means the beginning of the end as the sanctuary prepares for brodifacoum drops.

The group of twelve protesters ranged greatly in age and were joined by a protest-jacket wearing dog and two police units.

Nelson College for Girls student Julia Reich-Simko says they were hoping to grab John Key’s attention.

“The more people that become aware, the more impact it will have towards the people who are pushing for this. People are waking up and they’ve got to know that everyone is not going to just listen to what they feed to them because they’re smarter than that and they know something is up.

“It’s our future that it is going to be affecting, you see all these old people coming and going to support this but it’s not them who is going to take the fall for this, it’s our generation.”

However, when John Key was swiftly driven by, the protestors were slow to identify him and by the time they realised he was in the car, the Prime minister was long gone.

However, the anonymous protestor dressed up as a “dead bird” managed to sneak up the road and push through bushes to be close to the speakers including John Key.before lying down on the ground

She then lay down on the ground, completing her ‘dead bird’ protest.

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