Snow at Lake Rotoiti. Photo: Marten Botje.

St Arnaud covered in snow


It has been snowing all day at St Arnaud and local Beth Harrison says it is showing no signs of stopping.

“It started after 4am this morning and it just hasn’t stopped,” says the St Arnaud Alpine Store assistant.

The winter wonderland is covered in snow, with people enjoying the fresh powder on their day off and Beth says it is very picturesque.

“While it is cold here, it is still really beautiful, it’s just floating down and going from light to heavy to light again so it’s quite nice really.”

rainbowsnowMount Robert Rd, that runs between the lake and Mount Robert is now closed due to the snowfall.

“It’s all such heavy snow up there, it freezes overnight and becomes impossible but it’s only been closed from the bottom this morning.”

Also closed is the Rainbow Ski Area, none of the lifts are open and the road to the ski field is only open to authorised vehicles.

“Unfortunately due to the poor weather conditions we are closed today,” says Matt Alcock. “Overnight and this morning it has been constantly snowing with very high winds, the forecast is for the wind and the snow to stay with us throughout the day and ease this afternoon.”