Tahlia Murray presents the Prince Albert Shield to golf tournament winner, Winton Griggs. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Prince Albert Shield puts smile on Tahlia’s face


What started off as a charity bet between two guys at the Prince Albert Backpackers & Bar has spawned into regular charity competitions to raise funds for locals.

prince-albert2On Sunday afternoon, nine teams played a tournament for the shield at the Waahi Taakoro Golf Course.

The winning team member, Winton Griggs, not only got presented with the Prince Albert Shield, but was able to present local girl Tahlia Murray with $1000 to contribute towards surgery on her jaw.

Tahlia’s top jaw sits further forward than it is supposed to, making eating slightly more technical and leaving her feeling self conscious.

“At the moment my jaw is too out of line to even put braces on, so they’ll be taking out a bit of bone and realigning it.”

Tahlia says she’s looking forward to the surgery and finally having her jaw fixed.

“It’s awesome that they’ve raised this money for me, I wouldn’t be able to have the surgery otherwise.”

Winton says winning was great but being able to help Tahlia was better.

“It was just a good tournament that was all about fun and raising money for Tahlia.

Prince Albert Backpackers & Bar owner Mike Walker says its great being able to help out.

“Someone will come to us with a cause and we’ll have a talk to the charity committee, which is whoever is at the bar at the time, and then everyone will organise an event to raise the money. It’s a real community thing and we have so many sponsors that get involved each time.”

If you wish to donate to Tahlia, contact Mike at the Prince Albert on 548 8477.