Former Waimea College pupil Daniel Hooper is wants to stay in the New Zealand Under-22 indoor cricket team for the World Cup next year. Photo: Jacob Page.

NZ call up offers World Cup chance for local


Daniel Hooper and Felix Murray have their sights set on the Under-22 Indoor Cricket World Cup in The United Arab Emirates next year.

The pair have just returned from their maiden trip with the New Zealand Under-22, where they travelled to take on their Australian counterparts at Port Macquarie.

While the Kiwi side lost all five games, Felix, a Nelson College pupil who is part of the New Zealand Under-19 team, says the quick nature of the 16-a-side game means momentum comes and goes quickly.

The talented left arm orthodox spinner says you have to be a good player with bat, ball and in the field.

“You have to contribute in all areas,” Felix says.

“The pace of the game is a huge step up on outdoor and the fielding has to be a lot sharper.

“That’s where the Australians had the edge on us.

“We were competitive with the bat, but just weren’t as consistent. Both players have only been in the sport less than three years and Nelson Cricket’s community coordinator, Jon Routhan, who oversees indoor cricket in Nelson, says both Felix and Daniel have picked up the game quickly.

“We have four top grade teams here locally that play weekly during the season.”

Daniel, a former Waimea College pupil and current Wakatu senior player, says forming a decent batting partnership is key during a four-over stint.

He says his role is to be more of a power hitter who looks to increase the scoring and target the back net where more runs can be scored.

“It’s important that everyone knows their roles.

“For me, I know I have to be aggressive at times and the key is to pick the right ball.

For Felix, controlling the power hitters who target his spin is key.

He says sometimes he can get a decent amount of turn off the carpet pitch.

“It’s like outdoor, the more (revolutions) you put on the ball the more chance you have of it doing something.”

Both players wanted to be part of the World Cup set up, however Felix understandably wanted to focus more on his outdoor career as he gets older and his skill-set improves.