Give It A Go Girl – Snowboarding


Every three weeks our ‘Give it a Go Girl’, reporter Brittany Spencer, will take on a local event or activity, photograph it, film it and write about it. Here is her first offering, snowboarding.

There is nothing worse than getting a dumping of snow down your pants.

Combine that with my non-existent snowboarding prowess, multiple stanky leg dances to get the snow out of my pants and a healthy dose of public humiliation on the poma lift, and you’ve got the very first Give It A Go Girl segment.

Because the snow season is coming to an end, we thought we’d sneak up to the Rainbow Ski Area and kick up some snow for the first Give It A Go Girl.

Personally, I’m more of a beach kind of girl, I’ve got nothing against the frozen white fluffy stuff, but aside from being stuck in a blizzard when I was younger, I really haven’t had much experience in it. We arrived at Rainbow in time to catch the first bus up to the top of the mountain.

For those of you who ski or snowboard, being in a massive bus as it slides on icy roads is probably not a big deal, but let’s just say my knuckles were white as I gripped the seat.

When we got to the top, my focus changed. I saw snowboarders and skiers gliding effortlessly down endless silk blankets, carving tracks through the fresh powder.
pm1900-pm-give-it-a-go-girl-ad-yFrom the outside looking in, snowboarding epitomises ‘cool’, you stand there doing not much as you whizz down a slope.

I couldn’t wait to do, be and look like that. What could be easier?

Going into this, everyone had said, “if you can wakeboard and surf, you’ll be fine”.

They were wrong.

I walked out ready to absolutely slay the slope, turns out the slope had other plans.

After a few seconds on the beginner field, my overly-confident self decided to tackle the big one.

But here’s the thing, to snowboard down a slope, you actually have to get to the top of it.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one [if I am, that’s incredibly sad] but I was defeated by one of the most straight forward things on the field, the poma lift.

I tried, not once, not twice, but five times to use a poma, and each time I never got more than ten measly metres before losing my balance and falling sideways into the bank.

Everyone was showing me up, grandparents, first timers, even preschoolers.

Eventually, I gave up, trudging through knee-high snow up the side of the slope, feeling like a right muppet.

I may have been puffing after what seemed like an Everest-sized climb of shame, but I was finally at the top and I was ready.

My feet were strapped in, I even managed to stand up after a few attempts, shuffle to the edge and start sliding.

I wish I had a good wipeout story for you, but the truth is my day consisted of sliding about two metres before pathetically falling on my butt.

Eventually, I managed to do a ‘to cool to care’ run, however, I was barely moving and my puffer jacket underneath my snow jacket made me feel more like an overweight oompa loompa than a cool kid.

Despite the wet pants, my utter lack of anything remotely close to skill and my bruised ego, I had fun laughing at myself. For anyone keen on giving snowboarding a go, I would definitely recommend getting a lesson… and some butt padding.