Car spun around in Wakatu Drive accident


A Motueka woman is very lucky after a tailgate lying on Wakatu Drive caused her to swerve into the centre of the road and then into a truck.

Around 1.30pm members of the public alerted police that the tailgate of a trailer had fallen off onto Wakatu Drive and was lying in the northbound lane.

“Prior to us getting there, a car hit it,” says Senior Constable Dave Thompson.

“[The tailgate] was lying in the middle of the road, it was hit by the car and caused the lady to swerve into the middle lane, hitting the centre wires and then coming back in front of a truck which just tipped the back of her and spun her round.”

Dave says there was quite extensive damage to the car but no one was hurt.

“The lady in the car is from Motueka and she’s fine, just a bit of a scare.”

Police, St John, and Fire attended the incident, the fire brigade cleaned up the oil on the road, police dealt with the scene and thankfully, the ambulance was not needed.

One of the northbound lanes was blocked but delays were minimum and both lanes are now open.