The car down a bank and behind Reuben Young’s house before it was removed.

Car down bank finally towed


After four-months of having an unwanted car perched above his property – and many attempts to get it removed – Nelson home owner Reuben Young finally has his backyard back.

The car was removed by Nelson Police on Friday morning, after countless phone calls and emails.

The Subaru Legacy landed in Reuben’s back yard on Henrietta Way back in May, after it went over the bank on the corner of Quebec Road and Abraham Heights.

But despite several frustrating phone calls to the police,  nothing was done about it.

Then in August, Nelson Weekly stepped in to help by contacting the police for some answers.

But still nothing was done.

That’s when Reuben started to notice people sneaking onto his property to look at the car.

The Weekly contacted the police again last week and also called several Nelson tow firms to see if they could help out with removing it.

But only two companies said they were able to do it, at a cost of $300 – $800 due to the steep location and specialist equipment needed.

Then, last Friday morning, Reuben received a surprise phone call from the police saying they would get it towed, and it was removed just a few hours later.

Sergeant Greg Beer of Nelson police says police do not normally arrange the removal of private property from non-public places, but in this instance, due to the possible consequences of damage the victim’s property, police assisted in the vehicle’s removal and will work with other parties to dispose of the vehicle and recover the costs involved.

Reuben says that he can now “sleep easy” knowing the car is no longer perched above his house.

“It was dangerous, because it was encouraging people to come on to my property either to take parts.”