Winners Paris Eyles Celements and Ruby Stephens with the smart phone prize for the best friends competition.

Best friends win smart phone competition


Over the past two weeks, has been running a competition to find Nelson’s best best friends.

To win, entrants have to send a photo of themselves with their best friend and tell us what makes their friendship special.

Born only a day apart, our first set of winners, Paris Eyles Clements and Ruby Stephens have been best friends since birth.

Paris and Ruby together as one-year-olds.
Paris and Ruby together as one-year-olds.

With their mums in neighbouring rooms of the maternity ward, cousins Ruby and Paris spent many of their first days together and 10 years later, remain inseparable.

“When Ruby was born, Paris came into the birthing suite with Nerolie within half an hour of me having her,” says Ruby’s mum, Megan Stephens.

Now, they build huts, share birthday parties, have lots of sleepovers, do girl guides and go on holiday to D’Urville Island together.

Ruby says the pair wish they were twins, “We do everything together, whatever Paris is doing, I am too.”

Paris says she remembers being best friends even as kids, “pretty much every memory we have has each other in it.”

Ruby left for America on Monday for a two week holiday, it’s the longest the two have ever been apart and their mums are expecting them to miss each other.

Paris’ mum Nerolie helped the girls enter and says when she told the girls they had won they were so excited.

“Straight away they were buzzing and talking about who should have the phone, Paris already has one so Ruby is going to have the phone, they’re both very excited.”

Another Vodafone prize pack, including a smart phone, is up for grabs so send your entries to [email protected] to be in to win.