Video: Richmond Mall Flash Mob


As soon as the music started up in Richmond Mall, food court diners knew something interesting was about to happen.

That something was an all boys dance crew from Waimea Intermediate School who took part in a flash mob on Sunday afternoon.

“I’ve done performance dance at Waimea Intermediate for a number of years and I wanted to get more boys involved in it, we’ve only ever had a small group but last year I had an enthusiastic group of year eight students that wanted to do it and that brought the year seven students in,” says Waimea Intermediate teacher and the group’s choreographer, Penny Richards.

“I said “we’ve got to have a name,” so we came up with RTT, Richards Top Team and it’s so cool because you walk round the school and they just call out “RTT” and give you a high five. It’s grown into something that’s really cool to be part of, so I’m just so incredibly proud of them.”

Nine boys from the group, which normally numbers around 20, performed twice for a crowd of proud parents and members of the public, having given up virtually every interval to practice to get to where they are now.

Those watching the flash mob showed their appreciation for the young talent with a loud round of applause.

After organising a flash mob last year for Waimea Intermediate’s performance dance group, Penny tucked the idea away, hoping to repeat it with a group solely made up of boys.

“I’m hoping the spinoff will be that they’ll get into performing arts at college when they go there or other dance groups, because there’s some talent there,” says Penny.