Indigo Levett, left, Rebecca Taylor and Alana James would like to see more people take up kayaking as a sport and hobby. Photo: Jacob Page.

Trio reach kayaking tipping point


Spurred on by Luuka Jones’ silver medal at the Rio Olympics, three Nelson teenagers are keen to get more people kayaking on the rivers of the region.

Nelson College Year 9 pupil Rebecca Taylor has returned from a week at the New Zealand Kayak School, while Nayland College pupils Alana James and Indigo Levett have found their interest levels in the sport growing over the past year,

Rebecca has learnt skills like combat rolls, where you right the kayak after being knocked over unintentionally.

Indigo says being one with nature and being able to explore was a key to her enjoyment.

“You have to work with the river and the way it’s flowing,” Indigo says. “The excitement of going down the rapids or getting into the breaks where you can go out for a swim, it’s great fun,” Alana says.

“It’s alike anything if you are confident then you’ll get better the more you do it,” Rebecca says.

“I’d say reading a river is more important than strength,” Indigo says The Nelson Canoe Club will hold a beginners course in late September, which starts with three pool sessions then a couple of river trips in the following weeks.

All three girls agree the Nelson and Tasman region is fortunate to have so many rivers of vary degrees of difficulty for water sports enthusiasts to enjoy.

They believe kayaking is something that offers fun and variety.

The Nelson Canoe Club is holding a movie night at Elim Community Centre on Wednesday, August 24, at 7pm.

The movie called ‘Rivering’ gives an insight into kayaking on New Zealand Rivers. Tickets are sold at the door and are $5 for adults and $2 for children.