Wave riders, from left, Val Kennedy with her grandson Quinn Smith and Bianca Farmer with her daughter Abbey, in the Richmond Aquatic Centre's wave pool on Tuesday. Photo: Simon Bloomberg

Trial to reduce chlorine at Richmond Aquatic Centre


The chlorine at the Richmond Aquatic Centre may have a pungent reputation but over the next two months that could change.

A new water treatment system will be trialled at the Richmond Aquatic Centre and is expected to result in clearer, softer water – as well as a reduction in the smell of chlorine.

Tasman District Council and Richmond Aquatic Centre staff have been investigating alternatives to the existing chlorine treatment, and have decided to conduct a trial of an Austrian-developed system called Wapotec in the lane pool.

The system will more than halve the amount of chlorine currently used in the lane pool.

Council Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones said the Bays Aquatic Centre in Auckland had successfully introduced the Wapotec system.

“The environment at the Bays Aquatic Centre is described as having very little chlorine odour. They say the water is very clear and has a silky-soft feel. We were originally considering an ultra-violet treatment system but Wapotec has reported better results, is cheaper to install and has comparable running costs.

“The two-month trial will allow us to assess whether the results are as good as we would hope. We expect to see a significant improvement in water quality and a big reduction in odour-causing chloramines in the lane pool.”

If the lane pool trial is successful, the Council will consider rolling out Wapotec treatment to the other pools at the aquatic centre over time.

The trial begins on 25 August and runs for two months.