Throwback Thursday: Warwick House


Originally known as Sunnyside, Warwick House was built for wealthy immigrant, Alfred Fell in 1854.

Alfred arrived in Nelson on the third immigrant ship in 1842, a year later, he purchased a 20 acre site and built his first house.

His second house, the one that stands today, was finished by builder David Goodall in 1854.


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In its early days the house almost burnt to the ground after a large fire swept across the Grampian Mountains.

The house was saved only after nearby prison inmates were released to carry water and put out the fire.

Thank’s to Fell’s influence and their hard work in putting out the fire, many of the prisoners’ received reduced sentences.

In 1860, Alfred Fell returned to England, selling his business and Warwick House to Nathaniel Edwards, another leading Nelson businessman.

Nathaniel added a wing onto the back of the house, a large Ballroom and a four storey tower to the front.

On completion, the property was insured for 130,000 pounds, this is the equivalent of 10 million American dollars today.

The 64 Brougham St property has a Heritage New Zealand List Category 2 rating and now is a privately owned boutique bed and breakfast.