Winning team and closest finishing pair Josh Donnelly and Daryl Nish at the Waimea Harriers Event on Saturday. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Slow and steady wins Washbourn Gardens race


Daryl Nish and Josh Donnelly won a running race without being the fastest runners on Saturday.

The duo paired up to win the Waimea Harriers two-person relay at Washbourn Gardens.

Both team members start at the same time and run in opposite directions around Queen Street, Hill Street, White Road, Paton Road and Wensley Road.

Daryl says it is a race full of pacing and luck and, while he had competed in the event plenty of times, it was a new experience winning it.

“There will be fast runners who did 12km paired with the slowest walker who will do 4km, so you want to be middle of the pack to stand a chance.

“I found the whole thing a bit hilly, I’m a bit unfit.”

Daryl says he enjoys the event because of its point of difference.

“It’s really mental, I think Josh and I did 7km each.

“It’s a great event because, let’s be honest, running can get a little boring after a while.”