Save Salisbury School


In a show of solidarity for Salisbury School, more than 60 local and national politicians, school staff, parents and local residents gathered this morning to demonstrate the wide community support that exists for the school.

Held in Salisbury’s recreation room, the event featured a number of speakers including John Kane, Salisbury Board Chair, Tasman District Mayor, Richard Kempthorne, Tasman-West Coast MP, Damien O’Connor, Jenny Salesa, Labour MP, Catherine Delahunty, Green MP and Tracey Martin, NZ First MP, all opposed to the closure of the school for girls with complex intellectual impairments. For the second time in four years, Education Minister Hon Hekia Parata is consulting on closing the school and will be visiting Salisbury on Monday, just days prior to consultation closing on August 12.

Those opposing the school’s closure all believe that it is a vital part of the national education system and that it’s loss would be a “travesty.”



  1. A very interesting and worthwhile meeting.Some points I got out of it were People who really don’t want this valuable school closed from all over the country should lobby their Politicians. This is all about theYOUNG PEOPLE Salisbury can help.They deserve your help.many can’t help themselves, It doesn.t take much to lobby your MP.We all have the say if we use it.

  2. No one likes to be deceived. So when the government argue that the school is uneconomic, while knowingly strangling school enrolments, that is not being honest in my book.

  3. How a govt can stand in front of special needs parents and say they will shut down a residential school for the intellectually disabled is beyond the pale. Remember this very same party along with Labour told us in the 1980’s that support would be there for families when they shut down every psychopaedic hospital in the country. The reality is we look after our children both when young and as adults at home. We attend meeting after meeting so the system can meet our children’s needs and a small boarding school like Salisbury which gives intensive help and respite care to parents is to close. We had, I believe nine special residential schools, only three are left or is that now two and Salisbury is under attack again. I think people have gone over the reasons why the school should stay open enough, it is now up to the Minister to tell families in a timely manner the outcome for this school. The last thing the Minister admits is these are not everyday parents with everyday children, this is not a Redcliffs situation, these children can only access the specialised care they need through this school. I am utterly disgusted that the Minister holds such a threat over these families’ heads, when their family lives already have such difficulties. Our MP Nick Smith goes to the Nelson Hospice and talks about a society being measured by it’s care of the vulnerable, while callously refusing to help Salisbury School families in anyway.