Nelson drivers continue to use cell phones


Twenty three drivers were caught out using their phones during a two hour period last week and the police aren’t happy.

Police in Nelson Bays took part in a national campaign aimed at curbing cell phone use by drivers.

During one 2 hour period in the last week police detected 23 people using their cells phones while driving.

“This is a very disappointing result,” says Senior Sergeant Price.

“I don’t think people understand the risk they are taking by using their cell phones while driving. They are putting themselves and other road users at risk.  The best course of action is to turn your phone off while driving.”

It has been unlawful to use a cell phone other than through a hands-free device since 2009.

Distraction by drivers continues to contribute to crashes so the best course of action is to turn your phone off while driving.

Police advise that reading, putting on makeup or any other action that diverts the drivers attention away from the road ahead, creates risk for the driver, passengers and other road users and should be avoided.