Video: Fire service burns Muzza’s boat


One of local John ‘Muzza’ Morton’s boats was burnt this morning following his murder just over a week ago.

Two of the three boats involved in the homicide investigation, including the one Muzza was found in have been removed but the third was set alight just after 8am this morning as part of a fire service training exercise.

Harbourmaster Dave Duncan says “It’s a fitting tribute, he was a bit of a viking and adventurer.”

Nelson Fire Station Officer, Dick Lyall says the exercise was valuable for his crew but more so for the Harbourmaster and his deputy.

“We do a lot of this type of training but for the harbour, I think it’s been a bit of an eye-opener. It’s just a lesson for everybody really, boats burn fast and they burn smartly.”

The 7-metre boat went up in flames and was gutted within 12 minutes and was almost completely gone after 35 minutes.

A council spokesperson says the two other boats are now in Motueka.

“The police took them to a yard in Motueka, they are still going to be doing some more work on them.”