Dan Busch, left, and Trevor Voyce will be teammates in China next week after they finished first and second at the Nelson Spring Duathlon at Rabbit Island on Sunday. Photo: Jacob Page.

Duo race each other around Rabbit Island before China quest


Nelson multi-sport athletes Trevor Voyce and Dan Busch rode to the start line together, came first and second, then rode home together after the Nelson Triathlon Club’s first of Spring Duathlons at Rabbit Island on Sunday.

Trevor beat Dan by 20 seconds, completing the five kilometre run, 17km bike and 2.5km run course in one hour and three minutes.

The pair head to China on Saturday to team with Richard and Elina Ussher in the Wulong Outdoor Quest on September 5. Richard, Elina and Trevor have won the race before, but with Richard being in some of the best shape of his career, hopes are high of a decent performance.

The duo said they worked together during the bike leg on Sunday before Trevor got the lead he needed to carry him to victory in the final run home.

Both men said the course was a perfect preparation for the four day running, kayaking and mountain bike race that will total more than 250km.

“Because you’re running and biking on sand it doesn’t feel like there’s much spring,” Trevor says.

“It becomes a real strength-oriented race,” Dan says “We just had to push each other today without many of the young fellas here.

“Me and Trev have done a lot of training together over the last six weeks.”

The pair rode together from Nelson to compete in the event and say they think they have a team which can win in China.

“This was the perfect lead-up race for us,” Trevor says.

“We are going to China to win, and while there are a lot of variables that go in to a race like that, I believe we can do it.”