The Subaru Legacy that crashed down a Washington Valley hill in in May is still there. Photo: Andrew Board.

Crashed car still there 3 months on


A Nelson home owner is frustrated that nothing has been done to remove a car that crashed on to his property nearly three months ago.

The car went over the bank on the corner of Quebec Road and Abraham Heights back in May, landing right on Reuben Young’s property below on Henrietta Way.

Despite calling the police after the incident, Reuben says the abandoned car is still perched above his home, and not only is it unsafe, but it’s a burden he shouldn’t have to carry.

He says that because he has a sloping section and the car is so close to his house, it could potentially slip further down into his property in heavy rain.

The police initially told Reuben to call Nelson City Council to have it removed, but the council told him, because it is not on their land, it is not their job to remove it.

A council spokesperson confirmed to Nelson Weekly that their abandoned vehicle policy applies to roads and reserves, but not private land.

“As this vehicle appears to be on private land the matter would be between the landowner and vehicle owner,” they stated.

Reuben says the police made no contact with him after the incident and when he tried to get some answers, they were not helpful at all.

“One officer was really rude, and suggested I got my insurance cover to remove it,” he says.

“But I have been but hoping the person who crashed it will front up and remove it.

“The police know whose car it is, but they haven’t made them get rid of it – I don’t know why.”

The Nelson Weekly contacted the police for some answers over the weekend, and was told that the removal of the vehicle is, indeed, the driver’s responsibility.

“Police have made the driver of the vehicle aware that it is their responsibility,” they stated.

“Police have also made contact with the registered owner in regard to the vehicle and having it removed.”

They refused to give details of when the driver or vehicle owner was last contacted.

They also suggested that Reuben could pay for the removal of the vehicle, and then the police could facilitate an application for reparations should the matter proceed through the courts.

But Reuben says he shouldn’t have to spend his time and money sorting out someone else’s mistake, and is hoping the car owner fronts up to remove it soon.

Police say that enquiries into the circumstances of the crash are continuing.