Concerns for safety after sexual offender escape


The latest incident of a dangerous criminal escaping from electronic monitoring by cutting off his bracelet proves the government doesn’t care about the safety of New Zealanders, says New Zealand First.

“Even though Nigel Gately was caught by police in Nelson after escaping in Christchurch, his escape was the fourteenth this year and this is unacceptable,” says Corrections Spokesperson Mahesh Bindra.

“The government claims to be making New Zealand a better, safer place by protecting the public from those who can cause harm, yet allows dangerous sexual predators out of prison.

“How on earth does a high-risk sexual offender end up on a bracelet and not locked away as they should be?

“This government needs to reassess the usefulness of the electronic monitoring of offenders, keep high-risk offenders in prison and keep New Zealanders safe,” says Mahesh.