Sophie, 11, and Cooper Nichols, 7, check out the luminous chalk drawing workshop.

Thousands help light up Nelson


They came to see a light show and Light Nelson surely delivered, tonight being the last night for locals to get out and see what all the fuss is about.

The exhibition featured 62 installations from over 40 artists, including laser technology, digital imagery, LED lighting and neon paint, which were spread throughout Queens Gardens, Albion Square and into the NMIT campus.

Run for the third time, Light Nelson 2016 is being called an “overwhelming success” with 7000 people attending the festival on opening night, over 12,000 on Saturday night, 15,500 on Sunday night and overall it is set to beat the 2014 attendance of 40,000 people.

“This is based on the count at the main Hardy St gate into Queens Gardens, with some allowance for those who only went to the NMIT site,” says Light Nelson Trust chair Brian Riley.

Both young and old took delight in the event and organisers say that the response from the public was almost exclusively positive.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” says Nelson’s Katie Gilsenan, who was amongst those enjoying Light Nelson on Sunday night.

“We just think it’s wonderful and to see all these people coming out. It’s just wonderful to see Nelson people come out for the arts. I don’t know where to begin and where to stop with it really, we just raved about it when we got home.”

Mandy Chignell believes the show could be the next Wearable Arts. “Because it’s just so spectacular.”

Light Nelson will run for the final time from 5:30pm until 9:30pm tonight [Tuesday].