Residents request rock wall to stop land erosion


Pakawau residents are losing their properties to erosion and say it’s about time something was done to save their land.

The Tasman District Council announced yesterday that they are working on a proposal to build a rock wall on the esplanade reserve at Pakawau.

Pakawau1While Council chief executive Lindsay McKenzie says Tasman District Council have been carrying out ‘soft’ measures to address the erosion, residents want more.

“The 17 residents in the affected area would like a more permanent solution and have asked us to support them in a community-led project to build a rock wall,” says Lindsay. “The Council has now agreed in principle to work with the community on the proposal.”

The proposal comes after a direct request from residents who would pay for construction of the wall, either directly or through a targeted rate.

Lindsay says that following the outcome of consultation with the association, the proposal would be referred back to the Council for a final decision before proceeding any further.