Photo: 'Bioluminescence' by Daniel Wong Photography.

Photo of the Week


We chose ‘Bioluminescence’ by Daniel Wong Photography for our photo of the week and when you see this incredible shot of the milky way and the bioluminescence at Little Kaiteriteri, you’ll see why.

Daniel headed to Little Kaiteriteri beach to do some milky way shots on June 24 but what he captured with his lens was truly spectacular.

“When I got there I was puzzled as to why some of the waves were lighting up…I thought they were catching some of the light pollution from the streelights behind me. It took me a few minutes to realise this was actually a fantastic display of bioluminescence!

“Every wave would light up with an eerie white glow as the water disturbed the organisms which seemed to be attached to the rocks.”

At this point Daniel says he was just about losing his mind with excitement.

“Sometimes everything just falls into place but the more we’re out there shooting the ‘luckier’ we get.”