The re-designed roundabout at Quarantine Rd, which is just a few weeks away from being finished. Photo: Kate Russell.

Nelson’s prettiest roundabout?


The roundabout at Quarantine Rd is set to be the nicest in Nelson, with three palm trees worth $10,000 and a sculpture to be erected between the two poles that have been installed.

The roundabout is on track to be finished by the end of the month, at a total cost of $2.2 million.

Work started in early March and has added extra lanes on the approaches from Nelson, Richmond and Quarantine Rd, as well as extending the pedestrian and cycling crossing point on Quarantine Rd and upgrading street lighting.

The final surface application is due to start this Saturday and be finished by July 22.

The Queen palm trees in the middle of the roundabout have been relocated from Hamilton at a cost of $9980. NZTA regional performance manager Mark Owen says the trees will undergo some “shock” as they get used to their new home. “However, they will recover in spring.”

The two poles, which have been installed in the middle of the roundabout will be used to display some temporary art. The art project is being led by Nelson City Council, which says it will be in place later this year. What art will feature hasn’t been decided yet.