Nelson students cheat less


Of 305 students investigated, 290 students were caught cheating on their NCEA exams last year and five of those were from Nelson.

While the national cheating trend is on the rise, the latest New Zealand Qualifications Authority report shows that less and less Nelson students are joining the statistics.

Cheating within the Nelson Marlborough region hit a high in 2013 with 18 students caught.

However, this number decreased to 11 in 2014 and has further decreased with only five students caught cheating in last year’s exams.

Auckland had the highest student cheating statistic with 159 students caught while Central Plateau and the Cook Islands were the only two regions listed as having no cheaters.

Of those caught cheating in last year’s exams, 102 were using or had a cellphone on them, and 59 were either using notes or had notes on them during their test.

A further 39 were found with unauthorised material, eight with inappropriate or offensive material/language, and 20 had an unauthorised absence from the exam room.

Two students were caught with similar answers to another candidate, 34 were caught communicating with another student in the exam room, and 20 were found to have caused a disturbance. A further 10 had the authenticity of their answers questioned.


– Story with NZ Herald