Nelson bowler Kirsten Edwards will represent New Zealand at the World Championships in Christchurch this November. Photo: Jacob Page.

World Champs beckon for Kirsten Edwards


Nelson bowler Kirsten Edwards never gave up hope she would make the New Zealand team for the World Championships in Christchurch.

The 25-year-old was in the midst of a “quiet winter”, awaiting her honeymoon next month after initially missing selection for the November event.

That all changed last week and she spent the weekend in Christchurch, training with the rest of the New Zealand team.

The United bowler comes into the team as a replacement for Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Mandy Boyd who has had to withdraw for personal reasons.

“It was disappointing to miss out initially, but given the dynamic of the team and Val (Smith) originally selected to play two in the triples and three in the fours with all the experience and success she has had, I understood it.

“With Val now going to skip, it gives me an opportunity and one I want to make the most of,” she says.

Originally from Wellington, Kirsten says she had accepted she would have to set her sights on the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast as her next potential major campaign.

Kirsten made her international debut in April against Australia, 13 years after taking-up the sport her mum, Leigh Griffin, got her interested in.

“She was in our national fours when we won the fours at the start of the year and the previous year she won the singles.”

Kirsten says the support she gets from both her work and the United Club is hugely beneficial.

“Bowls becomes part of who you are and you spend so long playing the game. I’m lucky I have supportive colleagues and a great club that give me so much support.”