Waimea Combined No 8 and captain Jeremy Lordan (front) celebrates his team's win over St Andrews College in his 50th game on Saturday. Photo Jacob Page

Captain Lordan celebrates 50th with a win


Waimea Combined No 8 Jeremy Lordan picked himself up off a muddy Waimea College rugby pitch and smiled.

It was nearing the full time whistle and the impressive No 8, safe in the knowledge he had scored a try in what would be a winning effort in his 50th match, looked mightily satisfied.

His team beat St Andrew’s College 34-25 on Saturday, thanks to some scintillating attacks in the first half and some rugged defence in the second.

Jeremy himself praised his forwards and described it as one of the best wins over three seasons with the team.

Waimea Combined captain Jeremy Lordan in action on Saturday. Photo Evan Barnes Shuttersport Limited
Waimea Combined captain Jeremy Lordan in action on Saturday. Photo: Evan Barnes Shuttersport Limited

There was no talk of his try post-match only the effort his team had shown on defence.

“You’ve got to get up in their faces with the boys and make the big hits right to the end, I love the contact.”

The durable captain, who has only missed two games in three seasons, says one of his happiest early memories of rugby was when he was allowed to play tackle for the first time as a junior at Waimea Old Boys.

“I was so excited when rugby turned from touch to tackle and I could put the big hits in.”

Waimea Combines were superb in the first half against St Andrews.

Their forwards gave the backline front -foot ball and fullback Matthew Stevenson showed just how elusive he can be.

Matthew scored two tries and set up another with a mixture of speed, fleet of foot and fending off defenders.

“Our forwards really muscled-up, we put them under pressure and they didn’t like that,” Jeremy says.

Waimea Combined travel to Christcurch to face Lincoln High School on Saturday.