Waimea goal shoot Bailee Hart-Tava looks to pass during her team's 26-24 win over Prices in senior netball on Saturday. Photo: Jacob Page.

Waimea surge past Prices late


Waimea refused to accept the sporting script handed to them and came from behind late in the fourth quarter to beat Prices 26-24 in their senior 2 netball encounter. Prices held the lead almost exclusively at Saxton Stadium, until four minutes to go.

Waimea were more composed with the game on the line, they treasured possession more and knew when to be slower and more deliberate with their passes through court.

Several times it looked like Prices would build on their slender advantage, but each time a poor pass or well-timed intercept thwarted their efforts.

Both defences could be satisfied with their work, but it was the feeding into the attacking third and shooting circle for both teams which was lacking the accuracy.

Waimea goal defence Louise Walker and wing defence Neve McKenzie were dynamic in picking off loose passes from Prices.

However, they were matched by the Prices defensive duo of goal keep Rachel Portoreous and goal defence Kimberley Binns. Prices led by four goals after the first quarter but that advantaged was trimmed back to 12-12 at halftime.

Prices controlled the third quarter but that didn’t translate into a winning advantage on the scoreboard.

Their two goal advantage at the final break was eventually erased. Waimea held their nerve to hang on to a two goal advantage.

While Prices had a couple of late chances to draw level, they botched the opportunities and Waimea were left visibly thrilled to have held on for the win.