Stolen cars set on fire


Four stolen cars have been dumped and set alight in the past two days, with one of the owners even showing up as his car burnt.

Nelson Fire Station officer Craig Davies says the cars have been left to burn after being taken for a joyride.

The first incident occurred early in Monday morning when a car stolen in Christchurch was dumped and set alight on Sovereign St, near Guppy Park in The Wood.

On Tuesday morning there were another three incidents, one on Central Rd, deep in the Maitai Valley. The other two on Fireball Rd in a forestry area up the Tantragee.

Craig says the cars smashed through some “quite substantial” forestry gates before being ditched and set alight.

One was a Toyota Rav 4, the other a Kia, which still had car seats strapped into the back seat.

Craig says the owner of the Kia arrived at the scene as they worked to put his car out. “He had seen it on Facebook and came up, he was pretty pissed off.”