Snapafest the new WOW?


While they may be in completely different realms content wise, Snapafest is shaping up to be just as big a drawcard as WOW was.

Snapafest Air NZ Packages have sold out within days of going up along with ticketed packages online, selling out the first hotel.

The Beachcomber Motor Inn is now full for the shoulder season event for two nights and many several other hotels are likely to follow.

Trafalgar Events Director Aldo Miccio says Snapafest is experiencing fantastic results.

“It finally looks like nelson has an event that will go a long way to replacing the gap that WOW left when it moved to Wellington.”

Snapafest Event manager Aly Cook says the Australian acts are a massive drawcard in what is shaping up to be a unique Nelson event.

“Bringing legacy retro acts like Mental as Anything, Mark Gable of the Choirboys in a Sydney Super Group to Nelson for a special one only opening concert for Snapafest, would be the most top level international concert we have had in many years.”

This week Trafalgar events also announced the release of limited dual tickets allowing Nelsonians to attend both Snapafest and the Mike Pero Battle of Trafalgar 2. Where the Wellington Phoenix will go head to head, with Central Coast Mariners from Australia.

The September Super Ticket, being only $138 is a limited ticketek for those who want to go to both weekends.