Ski field opening postponed


Rainbow Ski Field announced last night that those wanting to carve up the slopes may have to wait a while longer to strap on their boards and skis.

The ski field was set to open on July 9 following a heavy dump of powdery snow at the end of May but due to the recent rain and warm fronts the field will now open on July 16.

Rainbow Ski Field
Rainbow Ski Field after the 50cm snow dump on May 31.

Mountain Manager John Dick says they were hoping to start the season early but mother nature just didn’t want to play ball.

“Continuous warm fronts have taken their toll on our excellent early snow-pack and prevented us from doing any snow making.

“We’re sitting at about 10cm on the upper field so it’s pretty marginal. If we get a big dump within the next week or so we’ll look to bring forward the opening date and get everyone up there nice and early but we’re just in mother nature’s hands now.

Because of the early dump John says the ski field is on standby, ready to go.

“We are just waiting for the temps to drop, the white stuff to fall, hit the go button and the gate to open on the 16th of July.

John is expecting a good season and says everyone is super keen, excited and itching to go.