Residents upset with ‘sneaky’ council announcement


Some Tahunanui residents are disgruntled following the announcement that three high rise buildings are on the cards for the sleepy beach-side suburb.

Tomorrow morning Nelson City Council will meet to consider seven Special Housing Area (SHA) applications.

The SHAs are designed to increase housing supply on the back of the substantial demand and rising property market.

The sites include the Aloha Lodge site at 19 and 21 Beach Road and the Car Company Site at 1 and 5 Tahunanui Drive.

These five story developments come on the back of the already approved Ocean Lodge Development which Nelson Weekly reported on last week.

Concerned resident Steve Cross has organised petitions to stop the site approvals and is parked along Tahunanui Drive until 5pm today if you wish to add your signature.

Steve says he’s angry that there’s been no consultation

“No one has been consulted, they’ve snuck it through and no one’s talked to anyone in the community.

“We all want to see development here, because some of the area is crappy but what we don’t want to see is crappy development.”

Steve says a large number of residents believe the developments are unreasonable.

“People would accept something reasonable but building 16 meter high buildings with no one talking to neighbouring residents is not okay.”

The petition is gaining a large amount of support but Steve says because the decision is being rushed through and he only found out two days ago after a chance skim read of the council agenda.

“I’ve only had to days to get everyone together so if we don’t get enough and it gets approved tomorrow we’re stuffed, there’s nothing we can do.”

The council will meet in the city council chambers at 10am tomorrow to either approve or deny the seven sites and a group of residents will be attending in a last ditch effort to persuade the council to not allow the developments.