Milestone Homes Nelson Bays regional manager Adam Hills, right, and Top of the South Speedway president Wayne Martin, after announcing their new sponsorship deal last week. Photo: Simon Bloomberg

Milestone Homes new speedway sponsor


Milestone Homes Nelson director Simon Collett has always been a speedway fan, regularly attending meetings at the Top of the South Speedway and even putting the pedal to the metal in the Demolition Derby.

So it’s no surprise that Milestone Homes decided to contact the Nelson Speedway Association when it was looking for a club to sponsor earlier this year. And the end result of that initial contact was announced last week, when the two organisations signed a sponsorship deal giving Milestone Homes naming rights for the Top of the South Speedway for the next nine years.

“We were having a discussion at the office about sponsorship to get involved in the community and Simon suggested the speedway,”

Milestone Homes Nelson manager Adam Hills says. “Simon has been a speedway fan for years and drove in two derbies, so he was keen on the idea.

“We thought speedway was a good fit too because it’s a family orientated club that attracts our target market. It’s also really popular in Nelson and has a high profile site, so it was exactly the kind of club we wanted to sponsor.”

Nelson Speedway Association president Wayne Martin says they are delighted with the new sponsorship after raffling the naming rights to the track for the last two seasons. Wayne says the sponsorship gives the association some financial security heading into what will be a busy 2016-2017 season.

“We are really happy to have these guys come on board,” Wayne says. “We’ve got a big season coming up with 18 meetings, so this sponsorship is a big help.”

Although Wayne and Adam would not disclose how much the deal was worth, Wayne says it is “a substantial amount”. Wayne also says the timing of the new sponsorship deal “is good for us because we don’t get any income over winter and we still have to pay the bills”.

The Milestone Homes Top of the South Speedway will have its first  race meeting in October.