Koha Shed reaches final destination


It’s been more than a year in the making but the Koha Shed Nelson is finally in its new home at Victory Community Centre.

The first of two shipping containers was transported to the community centre at 7.30 this morning.

Despite the Koha Shed Nelson looking more like a large unmissable red lego brick plonked beside the community centre’s car park, co-ordinator Nicola Baré says the 40ft shipping container won’t stay the colour of Elmo forever.

“At the moment it’s a bit of a big red box that doesn’t blend in but we’re thinking of commissioning some people to do a nature mural in some more natural colours.”

Tomorrow morning the container will also be joined by a smaller, 20ft container that will serve as a storage, sorting and office area and Nicola says Victory Community Centre couldn’t be happier.

“Everyone in the community wants the Koha Shed here and the whole community is coming together, donating the container transporting the container and prepping the whole area for free.”

The process to get the containers on site began at the start of last year and Koha Shed Nelson co-founder Janine Brennan says while it’s been a long procedure it’s been well worth the wait.

“It’s surreal that it’s all happening this week, our heads are still spinning,” says Janine. “We were standing there this morning watching it land and just saying ‘it’s amazing’, the community really got behind us and we’re very excited.”

The containers will undergo a light renovation with windows and storage being installed but Janine says they’re aiming to open the shed’s doors in three weeks, at the end of the school holidays.