Kiwi to stop Nelson flights


Kiwi Regional Airlines appear to be cutting its ties to Nelson after it announced it was bought by Air Chathams today.

Kiwi Regional Airlines started flying to Nelson last year offering services to Dunedin, Hamilton and Tauranga.

This afternoon received a press released from Kiwi advised it had been bought and that all of its existing routes would be discontinued.

However, it was quickly followed with an amended release which confirmed the sale, but left out any reference to which routes would be closed.

Instead, it highlighted a new route between Auckland and Whanganui that its current planes would fly from August 1.

Kiwi Regional Airlines will cease to fly from July 30.

All passengers that have booked flights after that date will have their airfares refunded, or given the chance to change to an earlier flight, said Kiwi.