Fire at Eve’s Valley Sawmill


A batch of wood at the Carter Holt Harvey sawmill in Eve’s Valley sparked a “long duration fire” early this morning.

Just under 30 firefighters were called to the scene at 1.09 am with volunteer units from Wakefield, Brightwater, Richmond and Stoke.

Wakefield Volunteer Fire Brigade’s deputy chief Peter Holland says the fire is still being investigated.

“The fire was in a drying kiln, but eventually we were able to remove it from the kiln, pull it free of the building and extinguish it.”

Peter says while the blaze wasn’t difficult to extinguish, the crews were there for several hours, “it’s always going to take a while when you’ve got timber in a pack form on fire, I think it was about 4am when the last truck got back.”

While the fire service get called out to the sawmill from time to time, Peter says it’s not a common occurrence.