VIDEO: Car on roof after Main Rd Hope collision


The occupants of two cars involved in a high-speed collision at the intersection of Main Road Hope and Aniseed Valley Rd at around 8.30am on Friday miraculously escaped injury.

“All I can say is that God was looking after us today,” driver of one of the cars, Mandy Frethey told Nelson Live. “We were travelling to Nelson and the other car turned right in front of us – I hit the brake with both feet but it was too late.

“When I saw the car roll, I was really worried. If there had been little kiddies in there it would have been terrible but the driver was alright – he even got out by himself.”

One of the cars had rolled onto its roof and the front end of the other was extensively damaged in the collision. There were three people, including an international student, in Mandy’s car and she says they were all “shaken up” but not injured.

Main Road Hope was closed to one lane while police and fire fighters attended the accident.