Video: Richmond home destroyed by flames


A Richmond family arrived home to find their house completely gutted, fire trucks blocking the street and neighbours lined up in their dressing gowns.

Just before 8am this morning, the home on 6 Chisnall Street went up in flames with heavy grey smoke visible across Richmond.

imageThree fire units from Richmond and Stoke were alerted by neighbours who opened their curtains to see smoke billowing from the windows.

Alan Rolf who lives in the house opposite says his wife woke up and said, “There’s a massive fire somewhere and I think it’s on our street.”

Alan then ran across the road in his pyjamas and knocked on the outside wall of the main bedrooms as another neighbour called 111.

“I ran out there as quick as I could, smoke was flowing out the windows, the smoke alarms were going off and I banged on the walls and windows. My heart was pounding for them, I was really worried they were in there especially when I saw one of the cars was still there.

“It’s a blessing really, they’re a hard working family, they’re up working at the market garden at sunrise and don’t come back until sunset so no one was home, it’s a blessing really.”

Alan says the flames started coming out of the windows just as the fire trucks rolled up, ” it was good timing really, they were really quick.”

The fire appeared to have originated in the back half of the home and Richmond Fire Chief Blair Hall says the home was fully involved when they arrived on site.

“The fire was well involved when crews arrived… it was visible all around Richmond and Stoke.

“We had information that there was possibly people inside the house at the time of the call so we had to commit crews in to do a search, we have since discovered that the house was empty and we’re in the process of damping down.”