The Warehouse lollies that read “port, brandy, rum, gin, vodka”. Photo: Supplied.

Warehouse to remove booze-branded lollies


The Warehouse is working to remove alcohol-labelled wine-gums from their shelves, after receiving several complaints about the confectionary being “inappropriate” for children.

A Nelson Weekly reader sent in a photo of the wine-gums, after purchasing them from The Warehouse Richmond to go in ‘goody bags’ for her son’s fifth birthday party. But she soon changed her mind after taking a closer look at the writing.

Despite their name, the wine-gums contain no wine – but the brightly coloured sweets are branded with the names of alcoholic drinks, including brandy, vodka, gin, rum and port.

A spokesperson from The Warehouse says they are “aware of the issue” and confirmed that the wine-gums certainly do not contain any alcohol.

“Wine gums have been traditionally made in five shapes with these names on them, however, to be mindful of families and children, we’re currently working with the supplier to remove these words from future stock sold at The Warehouse,” they said.