Sugar and selfies


Sugar and selfies are the focus of the Nelson Marlborough Health’s ‘Tap Into Water’ campaign.

The latest oral health initiative aims to raise awareness about water being the healthiest drink.

The campaign encourages people to upload selfies of themselves ‘drinking water in cool places’ to the Tap Into Water Facebook page.

Meanwhile, at the Nelson Market launch this Saturday, sugar cube pyramids will be stacked high to show the sugar content of commonly-bought soft drinks and fruit juices but naturally-flavoured water will be available to sample as an alternative.

Campaign organisers will work with ‘Top of the South’ schools, sport and recreation organisations and businesses to promote water as the first choice.

Nelson Marlborough Health Principal Dental Officer Dr Rob Beaglehole says water is the best drink available and it promotes health and wellbeing.

“We will take this positive message to our schools, businesses and sport organisations and promote the simple, yet powerful fact that water is the best choice whether you’re young or old,” says Rob.

Every year Nelson Marlborough Health surgically removes teeth from approximately 250 children under general anaesthesia. According to Rob, junk drinks are a major contributing factor to this.

“These drinks cause tooth decay and wider health issues and result in unnecessary pain and suffering. We strongly encourage people to tap into water instead.”

The campaign follows a move by Nelson Marlborough Health to supply only water and milk drinks in its hospital cafes.